James Kearney
Information Technology, Software, Investing
Milwaukee, WI  USA

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What I’m doing now…

A climate-change-induced Spring is finally settling into the USA’s midsection, and with alternating days of rain, snow, and warm, the birds aren’t the only ones trying to figure out how to dress for the weather.

As we cruise into April, I’m trying again to chunk out the “big rocks” for the remainder of the year. Not entirely to my surprise, the first few months of 2019 were accented by a number of unplanned projects that required most of my discretionary time. Minimally, this will likely include an in-town move later this year.

Finally, thanks to an Ask Pat podcast episode, I learned about and have started exploring the world of online guitar lessons, which has changed a lot since I first tried online (piano) lessons with WorkshopLive more than 10 years ago. I’m looking forward to trying this out to see whether it could work for me.

[Updated on 10 Apr 2019]

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