James Kearney
Information Technology, Software, Investing
Milwaukee, WI  USA

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About Me

This page is intended to serve as an extension of my LinkedIn profile and contains some bonus material you won’t find there.


I’m an IT generalist, and I’ve focused primarily on customer-facing consulting and IT leadership roles in both enterprise and startup environments. My skills and experience vary widely, and that’s by design. I’ve found that this helps me more effectively cross-pollinate ideas between domains, quickly frame problems and solutions, and build relationships with many different kinds of stakeholders.

I do most of my project work in horizontal domains such as customer & partner portal development, application integration, customer success, and IT transformation (e.g. ITIL, DevOps).

I’m passionate about building high performance teams, right-sized solutions, and durable software.


Outside of work, I enjoy creating software, listening to and producing electronic dance music, hiking, aviating, sailing, and doing all sorts of fun things in and around Wisconsin with my family.


I’ve been an amateur value investor for more than 20 years, and it’s one of my favorite ways to help make a difference in the world. I do this by investing in companies who place a strong emphasis on social good, and in those whose “why” aligns with my values.


I think that values say a lot about both people and organizations. Here are mine – this is the compass that guides all of my work:


From accountability and competency, to ethics and respect for others’ individuality and culture, this is both a starting point and an aspiration for me.


This is pretty much as it sounds. A consultant without it won’t be a consultant very long.

Extraordinary Service

I’ve a passion for not only achieving great results, but also for providing a remarkable experience along the way.

Simple Solutions

Complexity makes many things in IT and business much harder than they should be, so I strive to reduce it wherever possible.


No person creates success in a vaccum. By recognizing and lifting the contributions of others, we all win.


Paying it forward, giving back – I try to leave something better than when I found it.

Continuous Improvement

I strive to get a little better each iteration, each project, each engagement. And help my teams and clients do this too.